What We Believe


The International Christian Churches believe in Jesus’ vision to evangelize the world in this generation. So far we’ve planted churches on every continent and in over 23 nations around the world!


1. The Bible is the Word of God. The church is built on the teachings of the OT and the NT. The Word of God and the Church study cover this conviction.

2. We are silent where the Bible speaks and speak where the Bible is silent. In other words, if the Bible commands it, we are silent and obey and yet if the bible is silent on the matter, we are free to be creative with whatever we’d like to implement. Things like bible talks, midweek services, house church leaders and overseeing evangelists. The first principles further clarify these convictions.

3. The church is composed of sold-out disciples in discipling relationships. It is absolutely critical that every disciple is 100% committed. That is the church. The first principles studies of Discipleship, Light and Darkness, and The Coming of the Kingdom all cover these convictions deeply.

4. We believe in a central leadership with a central leader. The church.

5. We have the biblical vision to evangelize the world in this generation! Discipleship. The Kingdom